What is Boxing?Boxing

Boxing, or English boxing, is a form of fighting from mobile stances that involves striking the opponent with the fists.

There are many forms of boxing, such as Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and Kickboxing which can also use elbows, knees, shins and feet for striking. 

History of Boxing

Boxing with the fists has a rich history, with records dating back to ancient Greece, Sumeria, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Rome.

Boxing was practiced in the ancient Greek Olympics as a sport and in life or death situations by the gladiators of ancient Rome. Throughout the middle ages it survived as a fighting activity in Europe, most notable with the Rus people and their boxing tradition.

The 1700s saw Bare-knuckle boxing, or Prizefighting, as a common event in England. These brutal matches became more and more refined and organized until the 1867 creation of the Marquess of Queensberry rules, which are still the rules in effect for Professional Boxing today.  These rules lay out how a match is to be conducted and what are legal and illegal blows.  The use of Boxing gloves has also come into play in the last century of boxing.

With the revival of the amateur sport movement, boxing split into two main types:  Amateur and Professional. The main difference between the two is that amateur boxers wear protective headgear and their bouts consist of 3 to 4 two minute rounds.  Pro Boxing bouts can go from 4 up to 12 three minute rounds and no protective headgear is worn. In general, amateur bouts are decided more based on points scored while professional bouts often end in a Knockout (KO) or Technical Knockout (TKO) when one fighter cannot go on due to injury or fatigue.  Amateur boxing is played at collegiate levels on up to National, International and Olympic levels. Successful amateur boxers usually go on to fight professionally.

Philosophy of Boxing

Just as there are different styles of boxing, so too are there differing philosophies of boxing.  For example, some boxers try to obliterate their opponent with a brawling style, while others dance, slip and weave around the ring, patiently amassing points while waiting for their opponent to tire or make a mistake so that they can land a decisive blow.  Often referred to as the "sweet science," most boxers fall somewhere in between these two styles.

Common to all styles of boxing is a rigorous training regime and development of effective boxing combinations, techniques and toughness.  A common philosophy could be one of “no pain, no gain” or that only through practicing hard can one become great.

Boxing as Self-Defense

Boxing has advantages when it comes to self-defense as practise sessions involve real life sparring; both hitting and getting hit. This experience, combined with cardio and strength training make the boxer a lethal adversary.  Also, boxing techniques can be applied from a distance before any takedowns or grappling can occur: a definite advantage for those unfamiliar with striking techniques.  The flip-side is that if a boxer is in close quarters or goes down to the ground with an opponent who knows how to nullify strikes, he could be in for some trouble.  This being said, sometimes one punch is all that’s needed.

Boxing for Kids

Boxing can be practiced safely by kids, and provides an excellent outlet for excess energy and a great way to keep young bodies healthy and minds focused. 

Boxing for Adults

Boxing is a popular form of exercise for adults looking for a superior cardio-workout.  It also builds a strong core with all of its work on the abdominal region.

Boxing Associations & Resources:

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