Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why list your club?

Aside from getting FREE exposure for your club, you’ll also get a link-back to your website from the martial arts directory which benefits you in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

What does it cost to list my club?

A Basic Listing is FREE.

What does a basic listing include?

A Basic Listing includes your martial art club’s contact information (business or club name, address, phone number, contact name, primary martial art and city and website address).

What types of Martial Arts does the directory list?

We will list any and all Martial Arts, from sport to combat to fighting martial arts. The only criterion is that it qualify as a martial art or combat sport. For example, ‘Tae Bo’ and ‘Cardio Kickboxing’ are not martial arts or combat sports.

What if I offer more than one Martial Art or have more than one club?

A Premium Listing is ideal if you have more than one martial art club, offer more than one style of martial art, and/or want to feature your martial art club(s) and services online. A Premium Listing allows you to profile multiple clubs in multiple locations under multiple martial art categories. Find out more about a ‘Premium Martial Art Club Listing.'

What does a Premium Martial Arts Listing Cost?

A Premium Martial Arts Listing costs only $24.95 per month or $299.40 annually.

What if my city is not listed in the directory?

If you’d like your city or town listed, please complete the information on the List Your Club page and/or contact us.  You can choose to list your club for FREE or Feature it as a Premium Martial Arts Club; either way, we’ll be glad to list it upon request.

Do I need a website to list in the directory?

You do not need a website to list in the directory. But it helps.  For information about website design, web development and/or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, please contact us or visit

Can you provide a Custom Martial Arts Website?

Yes, we can create and develop a fully-customized and search engine optimized (seo) Martial Arts Website for you.

Can you help my existing Martial Arts Website to rank better in Google?

Yes, we provide affordable and effective Search Engine Optimization services for Martial Arts Websites and other types of websites including Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer sites.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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