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The Weirdest Nicknames in MMA

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

One thing we’ve learned as MMA fans this month: Paul Daley is a bad, bad man. And that’s bad in a good way.

You couldn’t pay me enough to take a punch from Paul “Semtex” Daley.

Wait a second – Semtex? What on Earth does Semtex mean? I set out for the answer and found the stories behind several other bizarre fighter nicknames along the way.

Behold – MMA nicknames explained! Not included are the Brazilian nicknames, almost all of which translate to goofy insults like “Big nose.” Seriously.

Paul “Semtex” Daley

Turns out Semtex is a form of plastic explosive used in demolition and warfare. Well, that explains a lot given Daley’s explosive striking.

Krzysztof “The Polish Experiment” Soszynski

We know he’s Polish Canadian but where does the “experiment” factor in? Believe it or not, the light heavyweight tipped the scales at 300 pounds during his pro wrestling career years ago. His colleagues, awestruck by his conditioning for a man his size, joked that he was a walking science experiment. Cool.

Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko

Don’t laugh! The Janitor earned his nickname with an inspiring story. During the Belarusian’s freestyle wrestling days, the U.S. team saw him cleaning mats in grubby clothes before a meet. Imagine their surprise when that custodian not only faced them, but beat them. Dave Schultz officially coined the “Janitor” moniker.

Jorge “The Naked Man” Rivera

This nickname seems simple at first but there’s one problem: Rivera doesn’t fight in the nude. It took a lot of detective work but I finally found the source…and it’s pretty straightforward. Rivera is known for wearing flesh-colored shorts. I guess that’s one way to get inside your opponent’s head.

By Matt Larkin
Guest Writer

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Fights we need to see in light of UFC 108

Monday, January 4th, 2010

UFC 108 has come and gone and we have egg on our faces. The supposedly cursed, talent-starved card delivered with one spectacular finish after another. After Saturday, here are a few fights I think the MMA universe needs to see.

Paul Daley vs. Thiago Alves

Wow. The brash Brit Daley backed up his big mouth by knocking Dustin Hazelett into next year. Daley has monster power, an aggressive style and seems far too thick to fight at welterweight. Doesn’t that sound like Thiago Alves to you? Intstead of rematching Alves and Jon Fitch, how about giving the Pit Bull Paul Daley? That Muay Thai vs. boxing matchup could be the slugfest of the year. Since Alves may have already signed for the Fitch fight, we have to wait for the dream matchup against Daley.

Martin Kampmann vs. Josh Koscheck

Kampmann tossed aside Jacob Volkmann on Saturday; big deal. Kampmann still ate too many punches and, as he showed us during his previous fight against Daley, that gets him killed against powerful strikers. Now that Josh Koscheck has heavy hands, he’ll pose a serious threat to Kampmann’s baby-faced jaw. A victory could land Koscheck the winner of the St-Pierre/Hardy title fight; a win for Kampmann would confirm that we still have to take the Danish Thai boxing star seriously at 170 pounds.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir, Shane Carwin or Cain Velasquez

I feel for Junior Dos Santos. With Brock Lesnar out of the picture, JDS is a clear fifth wheel at heavyweight. The top four guys are slated to fight each other, as Frank Mir meets Shane Carwin for UFC interim title and Cain Velasquez battles Minotauro Nogueira for No. 1 contendership. Dos Santos should wait to fight a loser of those two matchups, as any other opponent would be a step backward for him. He won’t fight Nogueira, his training partner, so it has to be Mir, Carwin or Velasquez. All would be worth opponents for the slugger Dos Santos, who has lightning-quick hands.

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