Which Martial Art is Best? Part 6: BOXING

Unlike the other martial arts I’ve covered during this hypothetical debate about which style is best, boxing needs no introduction. It’s the most common, heavily publicized and, according to some, the most basic form of bodily combat. But just because boxing is so popular doesn’t mean we can’t learn something about it. Let’s try!

How about a little history? Essentially, as long as fighting has existed, boxing has existed. Dating back to ancient Roman battles, it was a last resort for disarmed warriors. It was done for sport in Greece and eventually became an “entertainment” event when English prizefighting developed in the 1700s.

Believe it or not, the current rules we see today in boxing, from low-blows to rabbit punches to standing eight-counts, are as old as Canada. The “Marquess of Queensberry” rules originated way back in 1867.

Famous boxers: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We don’t need to detail the careers of these famous athletes, do we? Instead, let’s cut to the chase. It’s actually a question many MMA fans have asked over the last few years: Can a skilled boxer succeed against other martial artists?

The answer may be “yes and no.” Through the jab, boxers do a great job keeping opponents at bay; while any boxer who gets taken down may lose quickly, the opponent still has to reach the boxer to shoot – and that’s no easy task. Also, through repetition and development of powerful striking via turning the hips in training, boxers arguably hit harder than any other martial artists if you judge the strikes’ effectiveness on pure knockout power.

As a discipline, however, I don’t rank boxing particularly high. Ironically, the Marquess of Queensberry set boxers back in terms of their real-world effectiveness. Boxers are engineered to thrive in “ideal” conditions – against other boxers, with no kicking or takedowns. Most other martial artists are equipped to survive in any situation. Since boxing doesn’t prepare a fighter for ground battles, I don’t rank it high. Even a master takedown evader can’t stuff every attempt.

By Matt Larkin
Guest Writer

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