Kickin’ it Old School

Old School Muay Thai establishes local not-for-profit At-Risk Youth Program in Toronto.”

In an effort to help and offer a safe place for Toronto’s at-risk youth to train body, mind and spirit,  James Hines, “Kru” (instructor) at Old School Muay Thai is pleased to announce the establishment of a not-for-profit incorporated division. 

Already working in partnership with local organizations, the goal of the at-risk youth program is to identify and help kids that can enjoy the many benefits of this self-affirming martial art including physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

As James tells it, “The program offers at-risk youth a place to meet after school, access to caring and supportive mentorship and a pathway to good health and self-realization.”

Financial support is needed and welcome in order to create an environment filled with positive role models who can mentor at-risk youth through martial arts programming, inspiring them toward personal fulfillment, excellent physical health, and ultimately encourage integration into the community at large as citizens with respect for themselves and others.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available and can be made by sponsoring an individual student or a group of youth.

Please contact James Hines of Old School Muay by calling 416-436-0226 or e-mailing

About Muay Thai
Muay Thai– also known as Thai Boxing and Thai Kickboxing – is a striking martial art and excellent form of physical fitness.  In addition to being an effective form of self-defense, Muay Thai also teaches respect and humility.  Read More…


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