Daley courtship highlights Strikeforce’s lack of integrity

Tsk, tsk.

Paul Daley? Really, Strikeforce?

I know the No. 2 fight promotion in MMA is desperate to sign big names after:

(a) Poster girl Gina Carano got knocked into 2012 by Cyborg Santos
(b) Poster boy Fedor Emelianenko lost to Fabricio Werdum
(c) Poster boy No. 2 Dan Henderson lost his Strikeforce debut
(d) The man who beat Henderson, Jake Shields, now fights in the UFC

But Strikeforce and, more specifically, CEO Scott Coker are ready to sell their souls. It doesn’t matter that the rumored six-fight deal with Paul Daley isn’t official, or that Daley is reportedly weighing his options. That Strikeforce has indeed made him an offer shows a serious lack of integrity.

Love him or hate him, Dana White has plenty of integrity. He banned BJJ master Renato Sobral for deliberately holding a submission too long; he threatened to cut his best fighter, Anderson Silva, should The Spider fail to show proper effort in his next bout. And, most recently, he cut Paul Daley after the British welterweight sucker-punched Josh Koscheck following the final bell of their bout. The UFC doesn’t tolerate classless behaviour.

By courting Daley, Strikeforce believes it’s improving its standing, getting closer to the UFC. It’s not. Welcoming a dirty cheap shot artist only confirms that Strikeforce is a second-rate promotion.

Given some of Strikeforce’s other recent incidents, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that it had no problem signing Daley. Look at the dirty brawl that happened between Jake Shields’ camp and Jason “Mayhem” Miller. What about the unsafe, one-sided beatdown between Muay Thai monster Cyborg and Jan Finney that had the fans booing? Or the promotion refusing to give event tickets to Shields while he was their middleweight champion?

The UFC can breathe easy. Strikeforce won’t come anywhere close to challenging it unless it learns some integrity.

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